Our vision at Aviva Health and Wellness is to be the leading, respected, scientifically-based, and transformative health center globally. People from all sectors of society seek us out because here, they are genuinely listened to, respected, treated with dignity, and most importantly, cared for.

As a team of like-minded and inspired professionals, we are changing the world one life at a time by offering an individualized and personalized approach to optimizing health. Our goal is to help each individual realize their full potential and purpose, ensuring that every patient experiences transformative and lasting wellness.

At Aviva Health and Wellness, our providers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their practice, deeply informed by leading medical institutions and advanced training programs. Our team is dedicated to offering the highest standards of care, incorporating the latest advancements in medical research and treatments. This dedication ensures that our patients receive personalized, effective care tailored to their unique needs.

Drawing inspiration from Worldlink Medical, our providers are trained by Neil Rouzier, MD, in cutting-edge hormone optimization techniques. Additionally, our providers are extensively trained with Evexias Health Solutions, a leader in integrative and preventive medicine. By incorporating the comprehensive education and methodologies from Worldlink Medical and Evexias, our providers are equipped to offer personalized wellness plans that address the root causes of health issues and promote optimal health and well-being. This training ensures that Aviva Health and Wellness stays at the forefront of medical advancements, providing effective and transformative care to all patients.

This includes comprehensive understanding and application of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), ensuring safe and effective management of hormonal imbalances. By staying current with the latest medical research and clinical practices, we provide our patients with therapies that significantly enhance their quality of life.

Influenced by the preventative care principles, our providers focus on proactive health management. We emphasize early detection and prevention strategies to mitigate health issues before they become critical. Our team is committed to continuous education and applies evidence-based practices to ensure our patients benefit from the most current and effective preventive measures available.

Our providers’ commitment to ongoing education and excellence in patient care means they are well-versed in both the science and the art of medicine. They combine clinical expertise with compassionate care, ensuring that each patient feels supported and understood throughout their health journey. At Aviva Health and Wellness, you can trust that you are receiving top-tier care from providers who are passionate about your health and well-being.