At Aviva Health and Wellness, we fully believe that you get to decide what is best for your health and your finances. We gladly welcome you as a patient with or without health insurance, because we offer all of our patients the same fair price regardless of their insurance plan. With this thought in mind, you are probably wondering why our practice doesn’t submit claims through your plan, especially since many people have traditional insurance.

We understand that initially this may be frustrating and counterintuitive, however there are several reasons to opt out of using your health insurance for certain types of medical care.

We want to have the freedom to do whatever treatments are necessary to improve your overall wellness, and be able to offer a good value at a fair price. When contracts are made with insurance companies, we are unable to meet these goals.

We believe that a patient and their healthcare provider should be the only two parties involved in the healthcare decision-making process (with the exceptions of loved ones, of course). Together, we have a vested interest in the patient’s health. Insurance companies’ main interest is to pay as little as possible for the treatment (which we get… after all it is a business they have to make money somehow). HOWEVER, they will often attempt to override a medical professionals direction for treatment. Remember this decision is being made by a non-specialized physician that works directly for the company and has not interviewed you or examined you. They do not have the qualifications to determine what’s best for your health.

The benefits of not accepting insurance means here at Aviva:

  1. Generous appointment times.
  2. Low wait time for scheduling (not waiting months to be seen).
  3. Quick access to tests, results, medications, and a plan of care without requiring prior authorization.
  4. Equal, transparent, and fair pricing to all of our patients.

Overall, we want you as a patient to have medical freedom, have control over your own healthcare needs, your medical privacy, and your healthcare budget. We do not want you to have limited choices when it comes to your healthcare decisions, which is ultimately why we have opted out of accepting insurance.